Users can complete multiple or all orders by processing them in a Batch.

How to Batch Process Orders:

1. Select the Fulfillment Center page, and select Open Orders.

2. Select the desired orders to process. To select all orders, select the checkbox at the upper left corner. To select specific orders, select the checkbox in the row of each individual order.

3. Select Fulfill to batch the selected orders.

4. Select Confirm

5. After selecting Confirm, the user will be redirected to the Batch Order Details page.

6. Here, users can: 

Print Pick Lists 

Print Pack Lists

Review Shipping Details of Batched Orders


Check Out Labels

7. When an order has been batched, but labels have not been checked out, the number of Open Batches will be indicated next to the Fulfilled Orders link on the navigation bar.


8. To unbatch orders, select the red "x" in the upper right corner of the Batch Order Details page. This will send all orders back to the Open Orders page. Orders can only be unbatched as long as labels have not been checked out.


Support ID: S-FOO1002