Looking to further simplify fulfillment? The Soapbox platform can automatically select the best Packages, Carrier(s), and Rates for each order, automating some of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive aspects of fulfillment. 

Automation is dependent on Product Information and Packaging Information, so the more accurate these are, the more precise the platform will be. It is also important to make sure Stock Counts are accurate.

In order for the platform to perform its Automation, a Product's SKU, Weight, Dimensions, and Inventory must be added.

How to set up Product Information to Automate fulfillment workflow:

1. Select Inventory.

2. Select Overall Inventory

3. Select desired Product

4. The Edit Product screen will appear. 

5. Under the Product Detail tab, select Edit Fields

6. Then enter the Product's SKU, Weight, and Dimensions.

7. Now select the Inventory Detail tab. 

8. Enter the Product's Stock Count

8a. Enter desired amount

8b. Select Add

8c. Confirm amount

9. Select Save.  

Users must also add Shipping Packages to accommodate Products for Automation

How to set up Packaging Information to Automate fulfillment workflow: 

1.  Select Inventory.

2. Select Shipping Packages

3. Select desired Package

4. The Edit Shipping Package screen will appear. 

5. Fill in the required fields. 

6. Select Save.

Once Product and Packaging information is completed, the Soapbox platform can automatically determine what Products are in each order and select the best Packages, Carrier(s), and Rates.

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