Once you've updated the mandatory fields to begin using the platform, you'll be ready to add inventory to your products.

On this page we'll review the following:

Updating Product Inventory

You can update your product inventory through your Storefront/Marketplace or make manual adjustments. If you do connect a storefront, remember that any stock adjustments you make on the platform will update the available stock on your Storefront/Marketplace.

Add A Storefront/Marketplace

Import Product Inventory From Your Storefront/Marketplace

If you use a Storefront like Shopify or Amazon, your inventory counts will import with your product details once you integrate your Store with the platform. To do this, please refer to the article, Add a Storefront/Marketplace.

Manually Adjust Inventory Counts

To manually adjust your inventory counts, you'll take the following steps:
  1. Expand the Product tab on the left-side navigation menu.
  2. Select into the Product Overview page.
  3. Find the product you'd like to update inventory for and hover your mouse over the stock number. A border will appear over the stock number your mouse is hovering over. Select the stock number.
  4. A pop-up window will appear for you to add or subtract inventory of your product. To switch between adding and subtracting units of stock, you'll use the toggle to the right.
  5. Input the amount of units you'll be adjusting inventory by, and select the button <Add> or <Subtract> depending on how inventory is to be adjusted.

Step-by-step instructions with visuals to adjust inventory can be found in the following support article: Adjust Stock.

If you are ready, read on to learn how to manage your orders.