If an order is put on hold due to Box Inventory, the needed packaging for that order is out of stock.

How to resolve Box Out of Inventory orders:

    1. Select the Fulfillment Center tab.

    2. Select the Orders on Hold tab.

    3. Select Resolve Now.

    4. The Order Detail Page will appear.

    5. Within the red highlighted area is a Fix Now button. Select it.

    6. The user will be prompted with four options: Auto-calculate Box, Manual Select Box, Manual Input Dimensions or Update Box Inventory.

  1. Auto-Calculate Box: This will automatically select a box. Usually, it is the next box size up from the recommended box.
  2. Manual Select Box: This will give the user the option to select which box they want to use.
  3. Manual Input Dimensions: This will allow the user to input a new box and box dimensions.
  4. Update Box Inventory: This will allow the user to update box inventory in the Box Detail Page.


Support ID: S-FH1003