If an order is put on hold due to No Rate Selected, it could be that the address has not been verified. 

How to resolve No Rate Selected due to Address Verification error:

  1. Select Fulfillment in the navigation pane and select Orders on Hold.

  2. Select the order with the hold.

  3. The Order Detail Page will appear. The ship to address can be found under the Fulfillment Summary. If the address has not been verified, the message "Address Unverified" will appear in red under the address details.

  4. Select the Edit button to update and verify the address.

  5. Enter the updated address under New Address. Recommended addresses will appear in a drop down as an option to autofill the address information.

  6. After the address has been updated, select Update.
  7. The Order Detail Page will appear again. Under the ship to address, a green check with the words "Address Verified" will be displayed.

  8. To clear the hold, go to Carrier under Fulfillment Details and select Shop Rates.

  9. The order will now be found in the Open Orders page and will be ready to be fulfilled.


Support ID: S-FH1004