The hold No Box Selected will appear when a package has not been selected for the order. If no box is selected, the error message No Rate Selected will also appear.

How to resolve No Box Selected orders:

  1. Under Fulfillment in the navigation pane, select the Orders on Hold page.

  2.  Locate the order with the hold and select the order.

  3.  Under Fulfillment Detail, select Packaging.

  4. From here:

    Select the desired shipping package for the order based on the options of shipping packages available.


    Select Custom Package from the drop down menu and manually fill in the package dimensions.

  5. Under Fulfillment Detail, select Carrier and select Shop Rates in the bottom right corner.

  6. After rates have been shopped, all holds will be cleared from the order and the order will move to the Open Orders page.


Support ID: S-FH1008